How Can I Merge Two Billing Accounts?

On February 27, 2012, in HostGator Billing, by admin

Did you made payment from 2 different accounts? Did you get 2 different accounts to login? Do you want to merge them so that you don’t have to remember or manage them both? Don’t worry, HostGator does that for you!

They merge two billing accounts, so you can have one billing login for all your hosting packages. They can also even move only one package instead of the every package on a billing account. Follow the below to get the accounts merged:

  1. Simply email [email protected] or create a ticket to sales and specify the Primary Email Contact for the billing account where everything is moving to.
  2. In addition to the primary email, also provide and make clear which email address is to be in control of the accounts once the merge is done.
  3. Then provide the Primary Email Contacts for the remaining accounts from where you want the data to be moved away.
  4. Don’t forget to include the Secret PIN or last 4 digits of the credit card or most recent PayPal transaction ID on each account. If you cannot, they would require you to verify that you are the owner of all the accounts in a follow-up email.

With that information, they will then merge the accounts. You can expect the response to the email or ticket raised once the accounts are merged, can say, atleast 48 hours to do so..

If you have any questions or think there is something misleading or missing information, you can email me at [email protected]

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