Guitar Lessons

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Dan Whitaker
Guitar Instructor

Are you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, or want to become a better guitar player?
The guitar can be a fun and rewarding instrument to play but it can also be a very difficult monster to tame.
Most aspiring guitarists will need guidance along the way in some form, which I offer through one hour guitar lessons from my home in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. I teach both the complete beginner and the guitarist who has been playing for twenty years or more.
Children's lessons are also offered to kids nine years or older.

From the first lesson you will learn the fundementals of guitar through studies in jazz, rock, country, folk, and blues.
Beginning students will learn open chords, strumming technique, music reading, tab, tuning, and songs.
Continuing students will learn advanced chords, flat picking, fret board knowledge, scales, arpeggios, theory and improvisation.

No experience is necessary to learn guitar but you must have the desire to learn and improve with practice. You also need to consider if learning guitar is a priority for you now, and if so you will need to be able to set aside time for lessons and practice.

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My availability is limited to time slots Tuesday through Thursday from 9 am - 5 pm.

As for experience, I've been teaching guitar since 2000 and I've been playing guitar since 1984. I took jazz guitar lessons from Sam Barker over a three year period from 2003-2006. My country band, Dan Whitaker and The Shinebenders, plays often in the Chicago area. I am also active in the rock band The Gyps.
I've been a songwriting for over twenty years and I also play piano and dabble in saxophone, banjo, bass and percussion.

I charge $30 for a 1 hour weekly session and also accept monthly payments.
Cancellations need to be made 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged

For more information contact [email protected]